Just because something seems impossible today, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Reach for your highest potential. Seek and embrace growth with an open heart, full of gratitude, as it will carry you to new possibilities and new opportunities. Don’t limit yourself by defining what is possible and what isn't.

Believe you are a winner and you will be!

Believe you are a winner and you will be!

Believe in the power you are!

Just because something seems impossible today that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. 

In fact, you may not even have an awareness of what is possible. What is possible may be so far from the current reaches of your mind. Remember, you are confined by the width and breadth of your perspectives. Life however, is not confined by these same parameters. There exists this unlimited potential that we have not tapped into yet because we haven’t grown enough to have the skills and aptitude to even see it; let alone use it. 

 I am constantly left in awe at this realization. It’s tremendously powerful and inspiring! I don’t need to ever tell myself something isn’t possible. I can instead focus on what I can do at this moment and the rest will just come by itself. It will organically follow. This is truly how the universe works. It’s not some hoodoo voodoo magic, it just is. 

It makes perfect sense. We grow and as we grow so does our perspective. As our perspective grows so does our understanding. Our understanding empowers us to be more, do more and reach for more. It’s a continuous cycle. Unless, we derail that process by allowing negative thinking or doubt to creep in; it will naturally continue. 

 I have no idea of how far this can reach! I have no idea because I can only see as far as I understand. It’s an amazing journey! We realize that the only one holding us back is ourselves. The only one who can propel us forward is ourselves. We own that power, no one else! 

Someone can’t come up to us and tell us: do this exact thing and you will for sure succeed. We have to accept ideas and perspectives with our own hearts, with our own minds. We have to believe it. We have to follow positive thinking. We have to have a positive, love filled attitude so that we can be open and receptive to change. We have to continuously put forth that effort, so that we can continue to move in a forward momentum.

Don’t sell yourself short by deciding what is possible and what isn’t. Remember, if you believe in limitations you will have those limitations. Don’t spend your time and energy on deciding what is and isn’t possible. Spend your time wisely reaching for and doing the things that can and will help you. 

Don’t define a specific outcome either. Deciding what you want as you are today could potentially be holding you back. Tomorrow, you may have a new perspective and want something different. You just never know! By the same token, what you wanted yesterday may not be what brings you happiness today.

My best advice is to, keep making that effort. Live in love. Do with love. See with love. Even yourself. Love yourself, give yourself grace. Do things to help yourself. Keep working at it, don’t give up. If you get into a negative head-space be kind and loving to yourself. Pull yourself out of the head-space. As you grow so will what you are aware of and what you understand. This will open new doors and new opportunities for you. It’s perpetual, all you have to do is just keep believing and doing. You will never know how far you can grow or go until you try it.

You deserve to live life to the fullest. You deserve to feel empowered and fulfilled in your life. You deserve to be excited about life. You deserve to have a heart full of gratitude and joy. You deserve to be excited about being alive and living! Want those things for yourself. By doing these things the world receives the best version of you. You will be bringing so much good to the world. Everyone will benefit, not just you! 

The world is waiting for you to seize the day and make the most of it! Who knows what could be possible. Keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep believing, keep doing!